Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cussler case verdict

Thanks to Stephen Gallagher for pointing out that after eight days of deliberations the jury in the Clive Cussler versus Philip Anschutz case finally reached a verdict on Tuesday. Novelist Cussler had argued that Anschutz, who owns Crusader Entertainment, went back on contractual agreements during the making of Sahara. Crusader countersued, claiming that Cussler had made unreasonable script demands harmed the project.

As reports, the jury's decision left both sides claiming victory.
"We're $3.5 million ahead and Clive got his rights back," said veteran showbiz litigator Bert Fields, who represented Cussler. Fields added that because of the jury's finding that Cussler intentionally misrepresented book sales, he would not rule out an appeal.

[Crusader's attorney, Martin]Putnam maintained that Crusader was vindicated because of the findings of Cussler's intentional misconduct and the fact that the only damages definitely awarded at this point were the $5 million to Crusader.

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