Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online script services

Two new online script services have recently been launched, giving writers the chance to pitch scripts and get feedback from their peers.

Guild member George Hopkin has set up In George's own words:
It's completely free, of course, and aims to be a fuss-free forum for would-be, fledgling and experienced indie UK filmmakers alike looking to share leads, hints and tips and
track down the day-to-day stuff and resources required to produce low- and no-budget work.

It also takes a relaxed attitude to self-promotion - there's a forum dedicated to blatant self promotion - and companies and organisations are encouraged to plug their own events, contests, what-have you.

It has an entire section dedicated to the needs of screenwriters, who are encouraged to promote themselves and their work and perhaps discuss UK opportunities in a way which isn't often seen on this side of The Pond.
The second service, Open Spectrum, is a commercial site, focused solely on screenwriting. In their own words:
Open Spectrum is a unique and free-to-join online community that provides the platform for Writers and Film-makers to converge, collaborate and produce. The site operates on a peer reviewing system that allows all members to review and rate each others scripts to produce a Monthly Top Ten. Writers receive invaluable, impartial feedback to help write that next draft which will move the script closer to the Monthly Top Ten – the perfect way for producers and film-makers to find the writers and scripts they want.
While it's free to join Open Spectrum, you do have to pay to upload scripts (between £2.99 and £5.99) - although, for a limited time following the launch, all services, including script registration, are free.

It would be interesting to hear what Guild blog readers make of these services, and what experiences people have of other online forums and peer-review sites.

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