Monday, May 14, 2007

Rehearsed reading: Bogdan's War by Jeremy Paul

If you're free tonight, why not go along to the Writers' Guild Centre at 7.30pm for a rehearsed reading of a new play, Bogdan's War, by Jeremy Paul.

Jeremy writes:
Searching for something personal to say about war when watching NATO bomb Baghdad to get rid of Saddam Hussein, I stumbled on a diary extract by the Serbian film director and writer Jasmina Tesanovic (Granta 67). It was her moving and harrowing account of living in the heart of Belgrade which NATO were bombing to get rid of Milosevic, 1999. Same difference and it triggered my play ‘BOGDAN’S WAR’.

What can it be like under the bombs of ‘friendly fire’? We engage with Tomas, a cartoonist, Galina his partner, their friends Jiri (half Czech) and Bogdan (a monkey-bear). Rade, Galina’s former husband, now one of Milosevic’s inner circle turns up with his 13 year old son. What happens to relationships? Who survives?

We’re reading the play this Monday, May 14 at the Writers Guild Centre, 7.30. Come and join us.


  1. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the first act of this play last night. I spent the rest of the evening wondering what had happened to Tomas and Galina. The atmosphere of impending war was well conveyed. The characters were complex and interesting. What was the significance of the lurking monkey-bear?

    It was surprisingly easy to suspend disbelief sitting in the Writers' Guild Centre. Last week Moe and I went to a huge converted warehouse at the back of King's Cross to purchase the stage and it had only just been delivered so we were delighted to see it in use, and in such a creative way.

    I hope Jeremy was pleased with the space and I certainly hope more members will make use of it for similar work in progress.

    Anne Hogben
    Deputy General Secretary

  2. The writer replies -

    This was a good experience. First the welcome and the ease of everything - and the space served the play with the help of the flexible stage. We seated 50 in comfort, the audience feedback was great atmosphere and 5 mins walk from Kings X is handy.

    It could help us do away with the forlorn business of sending our work to theatres/ producers/ agents and hearing nothing. Just put on a show and call 'em in. We threw in a free glass of wine!

    Jeremy Paul - author of Bogdan's War


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