Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat

In The Guardian, Mark Ravenhill explains how he came to write his series of short plays, first seen as readings at last year's Edinburgh Festival, that will open in London next month as Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat.
My 16 plays seemed to capture a mood in Edinburgh. Presented as readings at breakfast time, they attracted full houses. I was fascinated to eavesdrop on the conversations that took place over the rolls and coffee we were serving. "Oh, you saw plays three and eight? I saw four and 10. What happened in yours? Did you have a headless soldier, too?" It was as if different members of the audience were holding different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and they needed to pull together if they were going to piece together a bigger narrative. I smiled: it was a pleasing metaphor for life, a metaphor that I'd found accidentally.

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