Tuesday, July 29, 2008

E3 game industry conference

In The New York Times, Seth Schiesel gets excited at the E3 videogame industry conference in Los Angeles.
For a gamer or someone who is merely curious about the future of interactive entertainment, there is still no place better than E3, the annual game industry conference in Los Angeles. The business is surging both financially and in cultural relevance, and over four days at E3 last week it was obvious why: the level of creative talent in games has never been higher, and publishers around the world have finally come to realize that it makes far more sense to spend a few extra millions to create a top-notch game than to rush a subpar product out the door.

There was little at E3 that a hard-core gamer would call a major announcement, but the sheer depth of quality — in design, art, writing, emotive power — of the games at E3 made a case for the argument that only now are video games moving into their true golden age (sorry, arcade fans).

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