Tuesday, July 29, 2008

“Ebooks suck etc”. Yawn.

digitalistOn the digitalist, a blog by the digital team at publishers Pan Macmillan, Michael Bhaskar considers the visceral response to developments in the market for ebooks.
. ...it is worth re-iterating: calm down, books are not going to go away, ebooks are [a] channel that will exist side by side with them, there is nothing to get so worked up about, no one is trying to kill books or end a culture, rather the reverse, to rejuvenate and contribute to that culture.

Strangely ebook’s biggest haters are often those who will crow most loudly about their imminent and monumental failure. Why bother hating them so much then?

As a bibliophile I can quite understand people’s passion for the printed, crafted artifact, but surely its time to get over the sheer level of knee jerk, violent invective ebooks attract. Surely?

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