Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hamlet 2

The The L.A. Times, Mark Olsen talks to Andrew Fleming and Pam Brady the co-writers of Hamlet 2 (released in the UK at the end of November).
Having grown frustrated by the limitations being put on them by executives and the like, the newfound friends decided to just go for it on their own. The traditional limits of good taste would simply have to be moved aside. "We had been doing TV pilots together," said Fleming, "that's how we met each other, we worked on two pilots together. And there were so many rules, so many people saying, 'Oh, that makes us uncomfortable.' "

" 'It's too far; you'll alienate the audience,' " chimed in Brady, mimicking an overly cautious exec.

"Smoothing it out, we said, 'Let's just do this on our own,' " Fleming continued. "It's for us; it will make us laugh. So we didn't censor ourselves at all."

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  1. Writing about the Bard seems to be all the rage these days. There's a wonderful film coming out on DVD August 26th called Never Say Macbeth. I caught it at a festival last year. ( The two films would make a good double feature.


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