Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Center for Future Storytelling

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory has opened a Center for Future Storytelling in partnership with Plymouth Rock Studios.
Research will range from on-set motion capture to accurately and unobtrusively merge human performers and digital character models; to next-generation synthetic performer technologies, such as richly interactive, highly expressive robotic or animated characters; to cameras that will spawn entirely new visual art forms; to morphable movie studios, where one studio can be turned into many through advanced visual imaging techniques; to holographic TV. It will draw on technologies pioneered at the Media Lab, such as digital systems that understand people at an emotional level, or cameras capable of capturing the intent of the storyteller.
Reflecting on the new 'Center', in The New York Times, Michael Cieply asks whether the whole concept of story in film is under threat.
A common gripe is that gamelike, open-ended series like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Spider-Man” have eroded filmmakers’ ability to wrap up their movies in the third act. Another is that a preference for proven, outside stories like the Harry Potter books is killing Hollywood’s appetite for original storytelling.


  1. Carrie8:57 pm

    I think that M.I.T. joining with Plymouth Rock Studio's is a GREAT decision!

    It will bring more opportunities for Plymouth Rock Studios and Plymouth Rock Studios can bring opportunities to them.

  2. Jyoung8:58 pm

    This is incredible news, especially coming from someone who lives in plymouth and can't wait to help create those movies i love to watch. Knowing all this stuff is going to happen and all these schools and business's are going to help is amazing. And i cant wait for this to all start in 2010.


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