Monday, November 17, 2008

Producers draft product placement code of conduct

From Alistair Smith in The Stage:
Independent TV producers and ITV have laid out a code of conduct for product placement on television, which they would follow if the practice becomes permitted in the UK.

The British government is currently consulting on the AVMS Directive, which would permit EU member states to allow paid-for product placement in drama and entertainment, but not in news, current affairs, consumer advice or children’s programmes. The practice of product placement is already widespread on US-originated TV programmes.

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  1. Gail Renard3:28 pm


    As early as May, the Guild had submitted a paper on product placement to both Ofcom and the Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, which has been influential on their thinking. We especially have to thank Edel Brosnan, the Guild's Editorial Chair and EC member, for initiating the paper on this important subject. As ever, the Guild is keeping a watchful eye.


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