Monday, November 03, 2008

Peter Morgan interview

In The New York Times, Sylviane Gold talks to British writer Peter Morgan about how he has turned his play Frost/Nixon into a film.
...a few years before his screenplays for “The Queen” and “The Last King of Scotland” propelled him to the head of the class, Peter Morgan was so fed up that he was ready to try anything — anything! — that wasn’t a film script.

A special section featuring Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt, clips of breakthrough performances, an interactive look at “Frost/Nixon,” a movie calendar and more.

He considered bungee jumping and mountain climbing, he said not long ago from his home in London. But he chose something even riskier. He wrote a play about the landmark 1977 television interviews that David Frost conducted with Richard M. Nixon. Relying on the accounts of participants and fictionalizing here and there for effect, he made sure to write it, he said, “in a way that breaks every single rule of screenwriting.”
Frost/Nixon trailer

Frost/Nixon will be released in the UK in January.

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  1. I JUST saw the trailor for this movie last Friday, when I went to see "W." It looks wonderful / disturbing / intruiging. I cannot wait. Thanks, as always, for these timeley tidbits!


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