Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sony Radio Awards shortlists

Another day, another awards announcement - this time for the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2009.

In contention for The Drama Award are:
  • Cavalry - By Dan Rebellato (BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4)
  • Goldfish Girl - By Peter Souter (BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4)
  • Mr Larkin's Awkward Day - By Chris Harrald (BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4)
  • The Color Purple - By Pat Cumper from the novel by Alice Walker (BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4)
  • The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – By Andrew Lynch from the novel by Robert Tressell (Above the Title & Woolyback Productions for BBC Radio 4)

Shortlisted for the Comedy Award are:
  • 606 with Danny Baker - Campbell Davison Media for BBC Radio 5 live
  • Adam and Joe - BBC Audio & Music for 6 Music
  • Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! - Komedia Entertainment & Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 4
  • Miranda Hart's Joke Shop - BBC Radio Comedy for Radio 2
  • The Now Show - BBC Radio Comedy for Radio 4
The awards will be presented in London on 11 May.


  1. I think that Pat Cumper wrote the dramatisation.

  2. Thanks Tom - you're right. I've amended above.


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