Friday, November 27, 2009

Anthony Minghella's last script

In The Guardian, David Thompson explains why he feels that Anthony Minghella's work on Nine, probably the last script he wrote (with Michael Tolkin, based on Arthur Kopit's book for the musical of the same name) before his death last year, is a fitting tribute to his talent.
I found Nine a very moving film. I'm not sure if the public will take it to their hearts. Oh, the women are dazzling and then tragic. There are brilliant musical numbers. Director Rob Marshall has served the project admirably. This is not an attempt to assign credit. Tolkin did the first script, then Ant did a revision – handed in shortly before he died. The film belongs to all three men, and to [Daniel] Day-Lewis, who has a mixture of charm and the sinister that is unique. Still, this is a film about the soul-searching of a privileged, spoiled man – it is hardly a dilemma that is widely shared.

Anthony Minghella has been dead getting on for two years – the anniversary will be close to Oscar time. Ant may win another award. Plenty of you will find great pathos and energy in Nine – as well as astringent humour. It is a film for showbusiness people, I suppose, and I only wish that Ant could still be reached by phone and told that the message came through, truly, madly, deeply – if you recall, his first film was the story of a couple separated by death, but defiant.
Nine will be released in the UK on 18 December.

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