Friday, November 27, 2009

Three paths to self-publishing

On the Writers' Digest website, Jane Friedman sets out what she calls 'The 3 Self-Publishing Paths You Should Understand'.

It's an American perspective, but seems to me to apply pretty well in the UK too - in essence she says you need to think carefully about what you want, what you can do yourself for free and what it makes sense to pay for. She also links to some other interesting self-publishing information sites.

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  1. Jane Friedman's comments are a useful guide for anyone thinking of self-publishing, though there is one other area that might be added if you already have a published book that is out of print and the rights belong to you.
    It requires little more than scanning the text and images and resetting it. Apart from Lulu and POD services you might use printers like Kall-Kwik who can print small books from scanned files, and give you proofs to correct.


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