Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Google tests TV search service

By Jessica Vascellaro in The Wall Street Journal:
Google Inc. is testing a new television-programming search service with Dish Network Corp., according to people familiar with the matter, the latest development in a fast-moving race to combine Internet content with conventional TV.

The service, which runs on TV set-top boxes containing Google software, allows users to find shows on the satellite-TV service as well as video from Web sites like Google's YouTube, according to these people. It also lets users to personalize a lineup of shows, these people said.
There's also a report on the story in Media Guardian.

Last month it was reported that the BBC-backed video-on-demand initiative, Project Canvas, would launch within 12 months, but rivals such as Virgin Media continue to oppose the project.

Update (10.03.10): Microsoft will launch its video-on-demand service tomorrow.



    We must remember that nothing is free and viewers can watch our shows as long as they pay for them. In fact, we'd welcome the extra income.

    But this also means that the BBC and all had better get their skates on with Project Canvas and/ or the international i-player, etc, if Britain wants to keep all that money in this country. Time and telly wait for no man.

  2. I think google should away from tv services, it can be flop like nexus.


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