Monday, March 08, 2010

Why the Oscars matter

For those feeling cynical about the Oscars, writer and blogger Billy Mernit presents an argument as to why last night's ceremony mattered.
It was so immensely satisfying to see Kathryn Bigelow (Best Director for The Hurt Locker) win her award, and realize that history and symbolism notwithstanding, her being a woman was also incidental. She was being acknowledged for a job well done. The honor was just.

This year's Academy Awards were unusual as well for being, despite the weak start and the bloated length, such enjoyable cultural comfort food. At a time when our country rarely does any one thing together - our communally watching a live show in real time has become, outside of sports on TV, an odd, almost retro event - the Oscars fulfilled a kind of American ideal.

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