Sunday, May 09, 2010

Getting Fast Romance up to speed

On the Writers' Guild website, James McCreadie on co-writing a film about love, life and speed dating.
The highlight of the shoot, for both (co-writer) Debbie (May) and me, was the speed-dating event, where our seven characters meet. It was a tough weekend, which, at its busiest point, had 80 extras on set. Over the two days I, along with other willing volunteers, made sure no one wanted for anything. I’ve never made so much tea and coffee in my life. Thankfully by 10pm on Sunday night, everyone was still smiling, and when the director asked for volunteers to film the exteriors the next evening there was no shortage of takers. This was the day the team truly experienced the spirit of low budget film-making.
Actress Suzanne Bonnar and crew on the Fast Romance set

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