Friday, June 18, 2010

Further DCMS savings announced

Following the recent news that funded organisations will have their grants cut by 3% (more like 4% for Arts Council England) the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced that, in addition, a number of planned projects will not go ahead. These include the British Film Institute (BFI) Film Centre.
The Government is still funding the building of a new film store to safeguard the National Film Archive and, although the BFI’s digital access project is not affordable at the present time, is looking for the BFI to examine alternative methods of support and delivery...

Ed Vaizey will undertake a wide-ranging reassessment of Government support for film. Details will be announced shortly. This reassessment will take account of the impact of Government financial support for film, including National Lottery funding, as well as the impact of film tax relief, but neither will be reviewed as part of this reassessment.

The BFI Film Centre is planned to showcase the best of British and world cinema, as well as creating a new space for exhibitions, cultural events, research and study. The total cost has been estimated to be £166 million.

The Screen Heritage UK programme comprises three strands. The Government has decided to fully fund work to secure the national collection (approximately £16.2 million) as this is business critical. Work to revitalise the regional archive collection (approximately £3.7 million) will also go ahead. A programme to deliver digital access will not go ahead, bringing about a saving of approximately £2.5 million. Spend to date on delivering digital access is approximately £1.3 million.
Update: Arts Council England has announced how it will implement cuts to 2010/11 budget.

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