Friday, September 17, 2010

Film Council replacements considered

From BBC News:
Four parties have been asked by the government to consider taking on the responsibilities of the recently axed UK Film Council, the BBC understands.

The BBC was one body asked to consider taking a lead role in distributing lottery money to film projects.

Channel 4, the British Film Institute and the Film London agency are also believed to have been approached.


  1. There needs to be massive change not only in any potential structure for a future film funding body, but also in our attitudes to film production and distribution:

  2. Paul Arrowsmith12:17 pm

    These proposals are infuriating! All of the proposed bodies the government have approached are London based! Meaning once again that regional film will be overlooked in favour of London based projects. The good thing about the UK Film Council was that through its regional bodies it did promote and develop regional drama, often very successfully. As a northern writer I don't want to have to pander to BBC types who never travel north and who have no interest in northern film. At least with bodies like Screen Yorkshire and Northern media, they were people you could approach in your region who you could build a relationship with and develop regional projects. I cannot see that diversity existing if all the decision making is centralised in London.


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