Monday, March 03, 2008

Character studies got the Oscar nominations

In a piece published before last week's Oscar ceremony Jay A. Hernandez in The L.A. Times identifies a common theme in the Oscar-nominated screenplays.
While taut plotting and visual ingenuity were certainly in abundance in this year's crop of nominated screenplays, it is the writers' compassionate, three-dimensional depictions of the flawed and fearsome, the courageous and resourceful, the bereft and bruised, that most beckoned for reward.

It may seem a facile thing to say, for what story doesn't live or die on the relatable nature of its characters and their actions? But at a time when a battered world cries out for an understanding of humans' most troubling motivations, these deep investigations into the jagged and tender parts of us resonated in the collective psyche with perfect pitch.

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