Monday, March 03, 2008

Reflections on The Death Of Margaret Thatcher

Some things I've learned during the run of my play, The Death Of Margaret Thatcher, which finished last night:
  1. There are only two kinds of critics: those who like your play and those who don't
  2. They care about English theatre in Tatarstan (although their translation software doesn't seem to work too well)
  3. Theatres get very little credit for taking the risk of putting on new work - no wonder lots of places prefer to stick with Noel Coward
  4. Someone can cybersquat your play's title (presumably trying to make money from Adwords)
  5. Marxists are long on analysis but short on a sense of humour
  6. When being interviewed try to avoid wearing a jumper that's the same colour as the background (see clip below, courtesy of AFP)

1 comment:

  1. Aw. When you said about background colour I was expecting you to be wearing shocking pink or something.

    How disappointing :o)

    Congratulations on the play, I wish you every success.


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