Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ofcom broadcasting code

Ofcom has published its draft Broadcasting Code setting out its proposed new programme and sponsorship rules for radio and television broadcasters. The draft Ofcom Code will replace the six Codes inherited from Ofcom's broadcast regulator predecessors, the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the Independent Television Commission and the Radio Authority.

The main changes are an increase in protection for children, but less regulation for programmes for adults.
Section 3 of the Communications Act states that Ofcom should set standards on harm and offence in a way which best guarantees freedom of expression. Ofcom believes this can be best achieved through a less intrusive regulatory approach to material intended for adult audiences. Broadcasters will instead be expected to exercise greater responsibility for ensuring adult viewers and listeners are informed about the contents of programmes.
Consultation on the proposals will continue until 10 October 2004.

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